Stay Strong!

Stay Strong
It is so hard to deal with the harsh realities of lupus. When it hits you it hits like a ton of bricks and a couple of mack trucks. It can cause a panic and a flood of fear. It forces you to evaluate, reevaluate, think, and wonder. Then it pushes you to live stronger, more abundantly without fear or regrets, without anger and sadness mourning the life you once had.

The harsh realities of being a lupus warrior day in and day out can inundate you, but please don’t let it beat you. You are stronger than you think you are. You may stumble, you may fall but just keep getting up and fighting. You are worth it! Yes,it’s going to hurt. Yes, you will get angry and sad and have to cry it out or shout it out and maybe even cuss it out. But after you finish you will be in much better shape to fight another day.

Stay strong. It’s not just a catch phrase it’s your way of life. ‪


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