Got Lupus

Lupus isn’t a simple disease with an easy answer. Fevers, aching swollen hands and knees, infections, hair loss, pleurisy and more..It’s time to fight back and take your life back from Lupus. Life is meant to be lived! When you feel good live life to the fullest. When you feel bad ride out the wave to the shore dust off the sand and hit the ground running. Remember you have lupus, lupus does NOT have YOU!

I have to recite this positive lupus affirmation to myself daily. Although lupus is a part of my life I have to constantly input the importance of living my life to the fullest even in times of pain. Not every day will be roses and butterflies with lovely songs of positiveness. Sometimes it will be hard and it is in those moments that I must pick up my cross and walk reciting ….” I have lupus lupus does NOT have Me…. I have lupus lupus does NOT have Me…. I have lupus lupus does NOT have Me…. I have lupus lupus does NOT have Me…. I have lupus lupus does NOT have Me….” I will say it sometimes over 1000 times a day. I know that sounds crazy right? No it really isn’t. There is so much POWER in my tongue that honestly the statement…”I have lupus lupus does NOT have Me….” allows me to move through every pain, every heartache from the pain. It allows me to mentally prepare myself for a journey I did not choose but am taking step by step with a mindset that I will NOT allow anything that comes with lupus to bring me down. I will not allow it to take me out of my character. I will not allow it to wear me to the ground and beat me up mentally, physically or spiritually.

Someone asked me, “oh you Got Lupus?????” First off, I looked at them like they had three eyes because who just busts out and ask you that? But, I answered and said, “uh yeah I have lupus, I’ve got it right by the balls. Right where I want it strangled in the middle of my hands.” They kind of looked at me crooked eye like huh.

I had to explain that my talk to myself and to lupus directly affect the way I go about my day. If I wallow in the pity like I really want to, I have allowed lupus to take control of me and become an inherent part of me. I won’t allow that to happen. So I change my way of talking in order to curse the demon of lupus out of my body. I believe in God and I know that He is not through with me yet. Since my God is not a God of fear, despair, sickness and sadness I choose to dwell in the spirit of faith and hope and I choose to speak in that manner. Never will I give in to the pity of what lupus can bring. Lupus can destroy your spirit but I refuse to be a part of that pity party and allow it to consume me. So I choose to positively speak it out of my life. I choose to react differently so my mind will convince my body to perceive lupus in a different way. When I feel good, I will do. When I feel bad, I will rest. Every day I WILL curse lupus so that it knows that it is not wanted in my body. I WILL curse lupus so it know I’m not the one to mess with.

Got Lupus????? Yeah, but lupus don’t got ME!


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