Think Before You Speak

Think Before You Speak!

“you’re too pretty to be sick”
“everyone gets tired”
“if only he or she tried harder”
“you’re just too young to be sick”
“you’re just too smart”
“you’re lazy”
“you’re making it up/ it’s all your head”
“you should pray more”
“your being punished for your ancestors sins”

Just some of the things that a Lupus warrior can hear day to day as they battle a life altering and life threatening disease. Just because you don’t physically see the pain a Lupus Warrior is in from day to day doesn’t mean they are not dealing with it. Many Lupus Warriors are masters of disguise to avoid hearing harmful words about them or their medical choices, making surviving and thriving even harder.

Before you decide to give your opinion about someone who’s disease doesn’t show outwardly always and that you know nothing about, think about it.

Educate yourself about Lupus and don’t make blanket statements that hurt more than they help! #LupusInColor

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