3 R’s of Lupus

3 R’s of Lupus

Rest • Rest before you need it so you won’t be knocked down because you chose not to. Rest is very important in healing beyond lupus. It’s perfectly ok for you stop and take a break. REST!

Reflect • Reflect on how far you have come in your lupus journey. See your overcoming and be ecstatic that you’ve made it past some serious issues. Reflect on how you’ve survived 100% of the days you thought would kill you. REFLECT!

Reset • Reset your mind so you can deal with whatever comes at you. Find ways to train your mind to look at your luous journey differently. Reset your spirit by tuning into yourself and being stil and quiet. Finally, Reset your body by following the first two R’s of Rest and Reflect. RESET!

REST • REFLECT • RESET DAILY its the only way to get the most healing in your lupus walk. #LupusInColor

Coping with Lupus

A large factor in coping with lupus is understanding what lupus is and the course of actions to take. As in most things, having a clear and sound mind is essential in grasping vital information about lupus. It can be very difficult to digest a lupus diagnosis and emotional strain can make understanding very difficult. That’s why it’s so important to work hard at keeping your mind, body and spirit strong as you battle lupus. Doing things that bring peace, love and healing to yourself is most important.

Lupus Holiday Recovery

The whirlwind  of the holidays is finally over. Take some time to recover.

Lupus In Color Holiday Recovery:

1. Rest-Get some sleep: Make moments today to relax and just be. Your body needs it.
2. Make time to meditate: Take 5 minutes out of your day to just sit still and breathe. You deserve still moments to recharge.
3.Take a short walk: bundle up and take a short walk and enjoy the fresh air. The walk will help you relax some.
4. Write in your journal: Sit down and write out your feelings from the holiday.  Get all the good and bad out of your mind and onto paper. It’s a form of great release.
5. Set boundaries: just say no if you need to. Dont feel like you have to say yes to everything.You can say no and not feel guilty.
6. Drink some hot tea: Grab a spot of tea and just enjoy the relaxation it brings. Allow the warmth to soothe you.
7. Read a good book: Take some time to read a book that you’ve wanted to read. Take your time to get into the fantasy of your imagination.

Make it a restful day. Try to limit your stress and practice some self care. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.


5 Daily Reminders

5 Daily Reminders

I am brave beyond lupus!
I can live well in my day beyond lupus!
I am positively powerful over my pain beyond lupus!
I will celebrate all of my healings beyond lupus!
I am ready and prepared to BEAT LUPUS!

Repeat daily for best results.



As you battle lupus it’s all about balance. Balancing your eating habits, your workouts, your spirituality, your mental space, your time, your relationships, your stress and your life. If you don’t have some sort of balance you’ll be in a forever flare. #LupusInColor #Educate #Inspire #Encourage #Empower