Midweek Refuel 7/31

As you battle lupus be BETTER: B.rave E.mpowered T.ransformed T.hriving E.xcited R.efined. Stronger and courageously living in every moment with power. Be Brave in your continued fight beyond lupus; Empowered enough to help another through this lupus journey,; Transformed in your mindset to stay strong; Thriving way beyond lupus. Be Excited that you’ve made it this far and be Refined beyond your pain to bring you positive power. Better. We all want it and operate in it daily. Be proud of how much better you are today than you were yesterday. Today together we are better. #LupusInColor

Midweek Refuel 7/31

You Body Will Heal

As you battle lupus, your body will begin to heal itself in many ways if you create the right conditions for it. Eating right, exercising not only your body but your mind and proper rest stimulates healing. That doesn’t mean you are cured, but parts of your body will heal making the flares and frustrations of lupus less. #LupusInColor

Permission to Heal

You have permission to heal. It will not always be a physical healing, it may be a mental healing from the depression stronghold of lupus. It may be a spiritual healing from the strain that lupus can place on your soul with doubt of overcoming. It may be a healing in your heart from the pain that lupus has placed on it fighting the lupus battle with every fiber of your being. Whatever the healing you have permission to accept it even if it’s not the one you are looking for. Healing comes in so many shapes, so many forms and in so many ways. Remember to accept them all as they allow you to continue a valiant fight in beating lupus daily. You have permission to heal in any and every way you can. #LupusInColor