Stronger than Lupus

Get Moving Challenge

Join us for the STRONGER than Lupus – Get Moving Challenge in the month of November. From November 1-30 Lupus In Color will have a 30 day Get Moving Challenge!

This challenge is meant to help lupus warriors fight fatigue and pain. Designed to help elevate your mood and get your body moving to help you feel just a little bit better in your lupus walk.

Whether you walk, jog, run, dance, do chair yoga, workout in bed or lift weights, just do whatever it takes to get moving. Whether you do 5, 10,15 or 30 minutes Let’s Get Moving and help our bodies heal.

If you are in, COMMENT BELOW ” I’m ready to GET MOVING” #LupusInColor

MMM.. That Feels Good!

8 Week MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments Challenge

For the next 8 weeks Lupus In Color will present the Monday Mindful Moments challenge. This will consist of moments that you take as a warrior to practice mindfulness in an attempt to assist in dealing with lupus on a daily basis. These Mindful Moments can help you through flares and pain and help you view your pain differently in order to react in a way that heals.

Mindfulness practices – including deep breathing techniques, being present and positive, and loving kindness – are great tools for stress management as you battle lupus, but when and where are you supposed to do them? Every Monday for the next 8 weeks, try fitting mindfulness into your schedule with simple suggestions that are posted right here in the group.

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 1 – Today be mindful in making a goal to participate in MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments.

You really can practice mindfulness anywhere. If you ever find yourself sitting, standing, waiting, or walking from one place to another, you can easily squeeze in a mindful moment. In the next few weeks we will show you how to be mindful in everyday actionable activities.

Are you ready to be mindful in your lupus journey? Make the commitment today! #LupusInColor

Surrender to Solace

Sometimes as you battle lupus you have to allow yourself to enjoy over sleeping. You have to indulge in lazy Sunday afternoons and procrastinate things that may demand your attention. You have to sing songs and sip an occasional adult beverage in bed while you forget the damage lupus has done. You have to remind yourself to enjoy the beauty of nothingness and replenish the energy that lupus and people drain. You need to get wrapped in cozy blankets and covered in oversized sweaters with the air condition on just in case you get hot. In the midst of this lupus life, we must remember to surrender to the solace of alone time where we can clear our head and replenish our soul for anything new that may arise from lupus. #LupusInColor


My mind is always racing with thoughts about my battle with Lupus. Most times I am trying to find tranquil thoughts to offset the raging war in my body. As one can imagine this is a constant struggle that is sometimes won with tranquility and other times submitted to the barrage of constant pain. Either way it always has my mind in constant thought. I find myself always trying to find a way to combat negative thoughts about this disease. In that process I have found my mind wandering from my own needs to the needs of those I love and share my life with day to day.

I know many will say Aww what a noble gesture to think of someone other than yourself. But, I believe it is sometimes a trick to bring back excessive negative thoughts about dealing with Lupus. The reason I say this is because at times I get into a mood and in thought about how painful it is for me to see my loved ones hurt and have to deal with me as I deal with this disease. I look at my friends and family and the hardest thing for me is to see my loved ones miss the old me I used to be. I mean really if that is not my mind playing tricks on me trying to allow the negative to slip back into my thought pattern I don’t know what is.

The irony of it all, thinking about the feelings of someone else while being thrusted into a plethora of negative feelings and emotions. It’s crazy how that negative can creep in and slowly try to poison your mind and soul.

Sometimes I have to just shake myself out of it and remind myself of the good things that come out of having a life altering disease. I have to shake the negatives off in order to truly begin a journey into a tranquil way of life.

I am on a quest to live in tranquility through thoughts that increase my mental health in order to generate a better physical body. There is power in positive thinking and there is healing in tranquility.

I have lupus, Lupus does NOT have ME! #LupusInColor

Monday Meditations 7/27

Monday Meditations 7/27

Monday Meditations controlling pain with breathing . #mondaymeditations #LupusInColor

Just Be Monday Meditations Lupus In Color

Monday Meditations with Lupus In Color Release yourself from the need to do anything right now, except just be. #mondaymeditations #LupusInColor — Support this podcast:
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The Inevitable

The Inevitable of Lupus

You will lose some friends

You will think you’re going crazy

You will feel pain and fatigue

You will almost talk yourself out of cancelling appointments a hundred of times

You will lose money on unproven ‘cures’

You will cry almost daily

Your family and friends will discourage you

You will doubt yourself thousands of times

You will develop weird habits

People will give you grief for no reason

You will lose hope before gaining strength

You will lose many friends and family but will find others who understand you even better

You will overcome the hard days

You will be brave, courageous and strong

You will live well beyond lupus!


Midweek Refuel 7/15

Midweek Refuel Message: During our lupus battle, we all can feel a little helpless at times. That helplessness makes us want to try to control everything. Don’t allow feeling helpless turn you into a warrior that makes being overwhelmed the norm.

You don’t have to try to control everything. You can say no and just let things be as they are and fend off flares by limiting your stress. Tonight, make a commitment to feel less helpless in those tough moments and more hopeful in the healing that manifests throughout your lupus journey.

#midweekrefuel #LupusInColor

Ten Steps

Ten Steps to Protect your Vibe as you Battle Lupus

  1. Let go of things you can’t control.
  2. Avoid comparing your lupus battle to you when you did not have lupus and to others who have lupus.
  3. Keep your faith for healing bigger than your fears of the pain.
  4. Don’t do anything that you know will make you feel bad, doesn’t feel right or cause you a flare.
  5. Don’t be afraid of being alone with your pain to figure out how to handle it.
  6. Avoid bashing yourself because you have lupus. It isn’t your fault.
  7. Speak kindly to yourself you are fighting a hard battle.
  8. Take care of yourself before you take care of others.
  9. Stay away from people who drain you or who are bent on misunderstanding your lupus fight.
  10. Ignore any opinions about how you live beyond lupus if they don’t enhance your life. They aren’t walking in your shoes so don’t let them dictate your steps.


The 4Rs

Sometimes you don’t feel like being positive as you battle lupus. Sometimes you just want to cuss and scream and cry and bitch, moan and complain about it all. That’s ok do it! Don’t feel guilty either. Let it out, Shout it out, Get it out of your head and release it from your soul. Every day, if you have to take 5 minutes to release that negative energy, do it! Just follow it up by replacing it with positive energy to renew and replenish when you feel you’re done. Most times you just need to release in order to feel better, you can’t stay in that mode more than 5 minutes or it becomes the focus of your day. Use the 4R’s – Recognize what you are feeling, Release them from your spirit and Renew your mind by Replacing those thoughts and words with all that’s positive and good in your life beyond lupus. #LupusInColor #4Rs #recognize #release #renew #replace