Think Before You Speak

Think Before You Speak!

“you’re too pretty to be sick”
“everyone gets tired”
“if only he or she tried harder”
“you’re just too young to be sick”
“you’re just too smart”
“you’re lazy”
“you’re making it up/ it’s all your head”
“you should pray more”
“your being punished for your ancestors sins”

Just some of the things that a Lupus warrior can hear day to day as they battle a life altering and life threatening disease. Just because you don’t physically see the pain a Lupus Warrior is in from day to day doesn’t mean they are not dealing with it. Many Lupus Warriors are masters of disguise to avoid hearing harmful words about them or their medical choices, making surviving and thriving even harder.

Before you decide to give your opinion about someone who’s disease doesn’t show outwardly always and that you know nothing about, think about it.

Educate yourself about Lupus and don’t make blanket statements that hurt more than they help! #LupusInColor

Monday Mindful Moments Week 5

Monday Mindful Moments Week 5

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 5

Today be mindful in getting dressed.
MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments

Today have a mindful eating Monday and slow down.

Mindful eating is the act of noticing the tastes, textures, and sensations of what you’re eating. Slowing down and savoring each bite nurtures our appreciation of food. By employing techniques of moment-to-moment awareness, you naturally slow yourself down and learn to appreciate the present moment, all while reducing your stress levels and experiencing greater enjoyment from your meals.

Mindful eating isn’t hard to do, and it can actually be a fun way to enjoy a meal once you get the hang of it. First, plan to cook something simple and healthy, yet satisfying. Next, set the table, removing any sort of distractions from the dining room such as cell phones, tablets, or anything else that might hijack your attention. While eating your meal, chew each each bite slowly and contemplatively, savoring each bite. Notice the different textures, flavors, and temperatures. Try to think about the ingredients and spices and that went into each component of the meal.

By eating in this fashion, you’ll find that you eat at a more measured pace and that each bite is appreciated. By spending a little extra time consuming your food, you’ll feel healthier, happier, and less stressed.

#LupusInColor #mondaymindfulmoments

Day 15 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Day 15 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

It’s neighborhood walk day! Take a photo and tag #LupusInColor #neighborhoodwalkday

Take a walk around your neighborhood. Don’t rush it. Just grab your family and walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the day.

Walk the entire length of your street and back. Stick to one side out and the other side back. If you’re looking for a longer walk, follow a walk in the shape of an 8, with your home being at the center.

#LupusInColor #30daygetmovingchallenge #neighborhoodwalk #strongerthanlupus

Day 13 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Day 13 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Walk for 10 minutes inside or outside. find an easy walk video to walk with if you are indoors. Pay attention to how your body feels as you walk in place.

You carry your own body weight when you walk. This is known as weight-bearing exercise. Small bouts (10 minutes) per day is a great start. You can gradually build up to longer sessions as you do it more times daily.

Here is a great easy walk video for you to try
Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

#LupusInColor #30daygetmovingchallenge

Day 8 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Day 8 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

March in place for two minutes, do 30 seconds of jumping jacks and do 10 squats. Repeat twice

It’s good to switch up and try different exercises. You never know what your body can do until you try to do it. Recognize the cues from your body as you try different things and adjust accordingly.

LupusInColor #30daygetmovingchallenge

Day 7 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Day 7 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Today, walk up and down your steps 3 times. Don’t have steps? Walk around inside your house 3 times. If you can do more, go for it.

Getting moving can be simple and easy when you use the things around you. Work at moving in the space that you are in. We don’t always have to leave the house to get moving.

#LupusInColor #30daygetmovingchallenge



Take a walk outside for 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes or more.
Walk with the purpose of getting some fresh air. Walk it out, even if it is just to your mailbox a couple of times.


#LupusInColor #30DayGetMovingChallenge

Stronger than Lupus

Get Moving Challenge

Join us for the STRONGER than Lupus – Get Moving Challenge in the month of November. From November 1-30 Lupus In Color will have a 30 day Get Moving Challenge!

This challenge is meant to help lupus warriors fight fatigue and pain. Designed to help elevate your mood and get your body moving to help you feel just a little bit better in your lupus walk.

Whether you walk, jog, run, dance, do chair yoga, workout in bed or lift weights, just do whatever it takes to get moving. Whether you do 5, 10,15 or 30 minutes Let’s Get Moving and help our bodies heal.

If you are in, COMMENT BELOW ” I’m ready to GET MOVING” #LupusInColor

MMM.. That Feels Good!

8 Week MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments Challenge

For the next 8 weeks Lupus In Color will present the Monday Mindful Moments challenge. This will consist of moments that you take as a warrior to practice mindfulness in an attempt to assist in dealing with lupus on a daily basis. These Mindful Moments can help you through flares and pain and help you view your pain differently in order to react in a way that heals.

Mindfulness practices – including deep breathing techniques, being present and positive, and loving kindness – are great tools for stress management as you battle lupus, but when and where are you supposed to do them? Every Monday for the next 8 weeks, try fitting mindfulness into your schedule with simple suggestions that are posted right here in the group.

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 1 – Today be mindful in making a goal to participate in MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments.

You really can practice mindfulness anywhere. If you ever find yourself sitting, standing, waiting, or walking from one place to another, you can easily squeeze in a mindful moment. In the next few weeks we will show you how to be mindful in everyday actionable activities.

Are you ready to be mindful in your lupus journey? Make the commitment today! #LupusInColor