What You See

They say that the strongest among you are usually the most sensitive…. That the one who smiles the most is the one who cries the most when alone.

Most times what you see on the outside of a person is never usually telling their full story.
That happens a lot with someone who is affected with lupus. They don’t look sick on the outside but on the inside their bodies are in a fierce battle. They feel it, but show it to no one. At times the pain is so horrible that it alters their personality. That alteration can be so drastic that it seems out of the norm and just down right nasty to those closest to them. A lupus warrior can help it at times and other times they can not.

It is important to know that with lupus warriors and with anyone really, what you see isn’t always what you get. The smile, the strength they show, the love they exhibit is not indicative of the battles they face day to day just to live.

Just a small lupus reality during Lupus Awareness Month

I have Lupus, Lupus does NOT have ME!


Walk Challenge App

Almost time to begin our challenge!
We will be using the MapMyWalk app to log in our workouts. You can download it for FREE at your app store on your phone. You do not need to pay extra for walkout logs.

Once you download the app please do a search for me RACQUEL DOZIER ask to be a friend and I will add you to the LUPUS IN COLOR 30 DAY WALK CHALLENGE. Here you will log your walks or activity that we all can see. #LupusInColor #WalkItOut #30DayWalkChallenge