Monday Mindful Moments Week 8

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 8

Today be mindful in your preparation for sleeping

MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments

Not getting enough sleep? Instead of getting grumpy, try some deep belly breathing exercises this Monday to relax and get some rest tonight.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, consider scheduling in some time to destress before turning off the lights. Doing some deep breathing exercises can take your mind off your worries and get your head in the mood to relax and fall asleep.

  1. Lie down in your bed, in whatever way is comfortable. Most people prefer lying on their backs with the lights off.
  2. To get you warmed up and focused on breathing, take a few regular breaths in and out through your nose, nice and easy.
  3. Do deep belly breathing: Inhale slowly through your nose feeling the air fill your lungs and then spill down to your belly, notice your belly expands with the breath. Exhale through your mouth, going in reverse, notice your belly is contracting and your lungs are emptying.
  4. Continue breathing deeply until you feel calm. Most people do this practice until they fall asleep.

Catch some z’s! Over a third of the U.S. adult population gets less than the recommended amount of sleep. Not getting enough sleep is stressful and can cause chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, and diabetes. It also has mental side effects like social separation and an increased feeling of loneliness.

This Monday, put the brakes on stress with some deep belly breathing at bedtime. Start the practice tonight and continue throughout the week. Sweet dreams!

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Monday Mindful Moments Week 7

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 7

Today be mindful in your listening.
MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments

Mindful Hand Washing

Sure, hand washing is basic hygiene — the CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds — but it’s also an opportunity to quiet your thoughts. By focusing on all the different sensory characteristics of hand washing: the warmth of the water, the aroma of the soap, the feeling of the suds in between your fingers, you can carve out a moment of peace and relaxation.

The technique for mindful hand washing is simple:

  • Before washing, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, and feel the tension leaving your face and body.
  • Next, turn on the faucet and focus on the sound of the water splashing against the sink.
  • When the water is warm, let it slowly wash over your hands, and really think about how it feels against your skin, palms, and knuckles.
  • Start lathering your hands with soap and concentrate on its scent.
  • Finally, rinse your hands and walk away feeling clean and refreshed.

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Monday Mindful Moments Week 6

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 6

Today be mindful in your listening.
MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments

Listen in a New Light – Mindfully

When others are speaking, it’s easy for your thoughts to wander. Suddenly you may realize you don’t remember what was just said. Mindful listening keeps you present in the moment. It enables you to better understand what people are saying, physically and emotionally. So you engage in richer, more meaningful communication.

  • Before your next conversation, spend a few moments to clear your mind with long, thoughtful breaths.
  • As the person talks, listen intently, noticing not only the words, but the inflections and mannerisms.
  • Focus on understanding all that’s being communicated to you, instead of simply reacting.
  • Finally, listen intently to your body, mind and soul about what you need to do to stay healthy beyond lupus

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Monday Mindful Moments Week 5

Monday Mindful Moments Week 5

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 5

Today be mindful in getting dressed.
MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments

Today have a mindful eating Monday and slow down.

Mindful eating is the act of noticing the tastes, textures, and sensations of what you’re eating. Slowing down and savoring each bite nurtures our appreciation of food. By employing techniques of moment-to-moment awareness, you naturally slow yourself down and learn to appreciate the present moment, all while reducing your stress levels and experiencing greater enjoyment from your meals.

Mindful eating isn’t hard to do, and it can actually be a fun way to enjoy a meal once you get the hang of it. First, plan to cook something simple and healthy, yet satisfying. Next, set the table, removing any sort of distractions from the dining room such as cell phones, tablets, or anything else that might hijack your attention. While eating your meal, chew each each bite slowly and contemplatively, savoring each bite. Notice the different textures, flavors, and temperatures. Try to think about the ingredients and spices and that went into each component of the meal.

By eating in this fashion, you’ll find that you eat at a more measured pace and that each bite is appreciated. By spending a little extra time consuming your food, you’ll feel healthier, happier, and less stressed.

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Monday Mindful Moments Week 4

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 4

Today be mindful in getting dressed.
MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments

Bed-Making as a Moving Meditation
This Monday, extend the benefit by making your bed mindfully:

Get in a sense of mindful breathing going as you smooth the sheets and tuck in corners.
Take the time to see your bed-making not as a chore but as a moving yoga pose — a way to further calm your mind and body.
See how long you can keep this mindful, relaxed awareness flowing as you go about your day.

Take a look at this video for some tips: 

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Week 3 Monday Mindful Moments

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 3

Today be mindful in getting dressed.

MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments

Mindful dressing is a wonderful way to begin your day in a calm and balanced state. It’s especially convenient because it takes dressing, a behavior you do each morning, and imbues it with a mindful focus. Being confident and in control first thing in the morning helps relieve feelings of stress and worry.

Take in the textures and colors of the clothing. Pay attention to how they feel on your skin, what they smell like and how they make you feel when you put them on.

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Monday Mindful Moments Week 2

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 2

Today be mindful in taking a shower.

MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments

As you step into the shower, be completely present in the moment. Allow yourself to fully experience the many sensations as they occur.

  • Listen to the pattering sound. Feel the warm drops splash against your skin.
  • Notice the warmth of the water comforting your body.
  • Deeply inhale the rising steam and fresh soap scent.
  • Feel the soap glide across your skin.
  • Rub in the shampoo, invigorating your scalp.
  • Dwell on the final rinse, feeling cleansed, calm and refreshed.

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