Self Love Day 30

30 Days of Self Love Beyond Lupus Day 30 YOU MADE IT!!!
Today, sit for 30 minutes and look through all of your self love prompts. Give yourself a hug and look in the mirror and blow yourself a kiss and say “I love you.” You worked so hard at being mindful in loving yourself beyond lupus. You did it for 30 days so it’s now a habit. Make a plan and write it out as to how you will practice self love daily from this day forward. #LupusInColor #SelfLoveBeyondLupus

Self Love Day 29

30 Days of Self Love Beyond Lupus Day 29 Today, take five! Take five minutes to meditate. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, clear your mind and release any stress that may be hindering you in loving yourself beyond lupus. #LupusInColor #SelfLoveBeyondLupus

Self Love Day 28

30 Days of Self Love Beyond Lupus Day 28 Today, unfollow negative people on social media or release a negative person in your life. If that negative person is you, make a conscious decision to combat your negative energy with positive input. Letting go of negativity will open up your mind and spirit to receive and provide yourself self love. #LupusInColor #SelfLoveBeyondLupus

Self Love Day 27

30 Days of Self Love Beyond Lupus Day 27 Today, take 20 minutes to sing sip on some tea. Taste the aroma and realize how you are like the teabag. You withstand the heat but still provide a most glorious taste for all to see. Sip that tea and exclaim and know you are amazing! #LupusInColor #SelfLoveBeyondLupus

Self Love Day 26

30 Days of Self Love Beyond Lupus Day 26 Today, write a “NOT to do list!” There are some things you are doing that keeps removing your self love. Write a list that consists of those things and stick to it. What will you NOT do today? #LupusInColor #SelfLoveBeyondLupus

Self Love Day 25

30 Days of Self Love Beyond Lupus Day 25 Today make conscious decisions to eat a little bit healthier. Have a healthy breakfast, a healthier lunch and end of with a healthy dinner. Since you’ve eaten healthy all day, reward yourself with a small version of your favorite dessert. #LupusInColor #SelfLoveBeyondLupus

Self Love Day 24

30 Days of Self Love Beyond Lupus Day 24 Today, practice truly being mindful. Notice how things taste when you eat or drink them. Recognize how things feel when you touch them. Allow your soul to really be in the now of your moments. This will help you stay in the present and begin to understand more about the sensations of being mindful of what’s going on in your body, mind and soul. #LupusInColor #SelfLoveBeyondLupus

Self Love Day 23

30 Days of Self Love Beyond Lupus Day 23 Alright loves, today, take your beautiful self to your mirror and look into your eyes, at your face, to your body and send love to every part. Do this for 5 minutes. If judging comes, accept those thoughts, but then counter them with love. Start by saying, “I love me beyond lupus.” #LupusInColor #SelfLoveBeyondLupus