Life of a Lupie Gurl


Life of a Lupie Gurl….  I was looking for my glasses today. I screamed and yelled, “Where the hell are my glasses!” I couldn’t find them anywhere. I called my son downstairs, “have you seen my glasses?”  My son in his attempt to humor me says , “Mom, are you serious? no, I haven’t seen them. ” I scoff and fuss some more. “Damnit!” As I pull the glasses off of my face and place them on the table. I wipe my face as I close my eyes, open my eyes back with a deep sigh… Oh, hey who put those glasses there? Hell I’ve been looking for them for the past 15 minutes. I shot a look at my son, who shakes his head and says, “mom it will be alright.” We just bust out laughing, them damn glasses always play hide and seek, this time… I Won LOL That Lupie Gurl, Classy, Sassy and bit Smart Assy, beating lupus one laugh at a time! #LupusInColor

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