Butterfly Flight Analilia Carabay

Flight of the Butterflies is a lupus awareness campaign sharing stories of the brave lupus warriors. Many don’t understand lupus until they hear the walk of a warrior. Flight of the Butterflies is dedicated to sharing those stories in May for lupus awareness month.

Flight of the Butterflies Begins…..

Butterfly Flight Analilia Carabay

I’d like to tell you the up’s and down’s that I have endured since that day that would forever change my life.

Back then I didn’t realize all that was going on with my body. I had had 4 beautiful babies. My last was our only son, Emilio, I was 37 years old when I had him. I had some complications during labor and after 3 days I had to get an emergency C-section. When he was 6 months I began to experience pain in my hands and wrists. I didn’t think anything of it. I drove a bus so I just associated the pain with that. I did decide to go to the Dr just to see if I could get some answers. I just thought I might just have arthritis and really that was my only thought. My oldest daughter came with me to get my lab results and when the Dr told me that my ANA came back positive but the other tests for arthritis had come back negative so she said I could possibly have Lupus. Literally my mind went somewhere else and just remember getting out of there and going home. Just silence in the car. Next day I went about my life, I had babies to take care of and I had to go to work. The following year, around the same time, I started to have pain again and it did get worse. I went back to the doctor and this time I actually listened and asked questions. I ended being referred to a Rheumatologist. My first trip was unsuccessful the only thing coming back was the positive ANA and Dr. told me that there was nothing he could do for me just basically prescribe pain meds. Two years later I woke up to the most unbearable pain down my legs, up and down my arms. I couldn’t get out of bed, shower, or dress myself. Eventually after a few months I was back at the same Rheumatologist. This time though after tests results coming back I finally had my answer…Lupus. I was devastated!! So many questions, why, how, and what am I going to do now, how will I do this. I cried and cried in that office. I began my treatment that day, July 22, 2012. Once again I found myself going back to that mindset of I have things to do and though I was taking meds every night I still pushed it way back in my mind. I had to work, be a mom, a wife, sister, and friend. I was always there for everyone. My life was perfect. I had just purchased our first home. I don’t have time to think of Lupus.

In May of 2014 I was having extreme pain in my back and hips where it was hard to sit down and lay down. My husband had seen some blister things in an area on my body and we thought hmmm maybe I should go to the ER. I was told I had a boil and so I was pumped with antibiotics and told if it didn’t go away that I would have to have it removed. I knew something wasn’t right I thought it might be Shingles and sure enough after going to another doctor that’s what it was. At this point I was really depressed but never expressed it I just kept it hidden, I wore a mask. So I knew everything was starting to come up to the surface. I could no longer hide it. I can say now I kind of thank God I did end up with Shingles because I was given Lyrica and it did give me that balance I was needing. I don’t know why it just helped me I am just grateful it did. From that moment I thought I need to live. I can’t let this beat me.

I’m at a point in my life where I may not be able to do the things I used to do but I’m alive and I have a wonderful and beautiful family who support and love me unconditionally. I owe that to them but also to myself to fight as much as I can. I may have set backs with medications and physical limitations but its ok. I also have some awesome online support groups, Lupus in Color along with a few others.

At this present time 3 of my daughters have had their ANAs tested and my two youngest,12 and 14, have tested positive. I’m scared for them but I’m trying to keep it positive for them. They will go to Valley Children’s in Madera, CA at the end of the month to have more tests ran so I’m just hoping they just carry the gene but both have had pain in their legs and arms. This is my biggest worry I am so scared for them. We need a cure!!! Thank you for all that Lupus In Color!!

Lupus In Color is excited to present Analilia’s story to the world. As a Lupus Warrior he is actively promoting lupus awareness and wearing the armor of strength in doing so. Lupus In Color Salutes you Analilia Carabay.




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